Monday, January 18, 2010

This, That and the Other Thing

Well, there has been a lot of upsets and changes:

Fluffy White Thing, also known as Mini-Zee, or Ruffy, has found a home. He is living with an older couple as the only dog and seems to be thriving.

Weasel's stitches have healed, after some messing with them, ointments and an e-collar. Now, she just has the funny looking shaved patch. As she is rather funny looking, it seems to work for her.

Spoiled One had an unfortunate episode of colitis that just seemed to get worse and worse. I ended up taking him to the vet. He gave me drugs and suggested a bland diet. Spoiled One recovered, which was a relief, as the weather was way too cold to leave him outside when I was at work, and one of the symptoms was diarrhea. (Too much info, I know) In the course of diagnosis, x-rays were taken which showed he had developed some arthritis (spurs and a lesion) in his spine. I am not surprised, he is getting older, and he used to do complete back flips on concrete for the Frisbee when I first got him. However, it's very hard to think of my puppy getting old. They recommended I keep doing the flyball and activities with him, unless he shows pain, as that is what's keeping him in such good condition.

And, my thoughts have turned to puppies. Weasel will be four, Spoiled One ten this year. I need a new training challenge. I'm sure I could find the perfect dog in rescue, but there is a breeder who has a line of dogs I've been admiring and wanting one of. She's a good breeder, with a rigorous owner screening process and a friend of a friend. So, I will get a puppy from her. It looks like Summer before the female I want a puppy out of will be in season.

All of this means no foster dogs, for a while.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Practice Sucked

Weasel says practice sucked this weekend. I was lining her up for boxwork when someone said "Wait! There's something on her side!" I looked. It was a great big hole! No one saw anything and we don't know for certain what happened, but the vet thought she got caught in a stray fence wire or something.

Anyway, it's all stitched up now. Hopefully, it will heal quickly.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Items I have Pried Out of Mini-Zee's Jaws

Can of Raid
Television Remote
AA Battery
Ball Point Pen
Broken Glass
Black Shoe Polish Applicator
Black Dress Shoe
Tennis Shoe
Numerous Plastic Grocery Bags
Fish Food Canister
Tester Bottle for Aquarium Water
Watering Can
Vacuum Cleaner Parts

This list is, of course, incomplete and many items should be listed multiple times.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Fluffy White Thing

Uh Oh, it's another one.


"Ruffy" is a lethal white mini aussie, deaf as grandpa. ("Lethal White" is a term for a homozygous merle, the product of a merle to merle breeding. They can be okay, but sometimes you get the almost all white dogs that may be deaf or blind. He is deaf.) He is very cuddly, very bright, and very trainable. He also has the attention span of a gnat.

We're working on the last part. Mostly, it's the aussie attitude of "ho hum, got it already!" He has actually learned quite a bit since he came to stay with me. He'll down, sit, and roll over from hand signals. His "watch me" is getting better. He doesn't recall worth anything, yet. Ruffy grasped the basics of a flyball box turn in two lessons, and fetches nicely. He's learned to tug. Fortunately, he came housetrained. There is an unrequited fascination with the cat, but it's not unmanageable. I am working on using a laser light in place of a clicker, and he seems to be picking up on it.

This dog is athletic, loves to run, loves to learn, loves to play and is very food motivated. I think he would be a lot of fun to train for agility, flyball, or Frisbee. He is absolutely deaf. I come home from work or find him in the morning still curled up like a fluffy white donut, oblivious to the car noises, the dogs barking and bounding around next to him, or even the vibrations of footsteps and the garage door. He loves other dogs, although he does push the limits of their tolerance with his constant jumping on them and nipping at them. Warning growls go unnoticed. He was injured by another dog in his previous foster home, and bitten by one of the dogs on the flyball team, so he should always be supervised with other dogs.

He is intelligent enough to need a job. Frisbee, agility, something. If not sufficiently stimulated, he will run back and forth in a pattern, barking at the same imaginary spot over and over. Also, he will find every loose thing in your house and chew it to bits.

I believe his ideal home would be with an older child interested in getting into dog sports.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Momentous Weekend

Well, it was a rather momentous weekend last weekend.

Flyball practice was cancelled (mud), so I took Benniedoodle to an adoption event in Rio Rancho. It was my first one, and I'm afraid I rather hate them. So many people, and I am not a people person, and so many dogs, huddled in a small tent. The dogs cower and shut down or their eyes get that glazed over look. So many people, as well, and they looked pretty glazed also.

It was hard for me to figure out the balance. I wanted to hover by Bennie's cage and pounce on any show of interest, but it seemed better to step back. People seemed more comfortable checking the dogs out if I gave them space, so I lurked in the corner and spied on them. There was a beautiful husky. Everyone's eyes would light up when they saw that dog. I saw so many children's eyes light up and they would zero in on that dog.

Bennie was a sweetie, and I saw several people, usually older people, stop, reach down and scratch his ears. Then, they moved on. Finally, a few hours into it, a couple stopped, and visited his cage. They started asking all sorts of questions and I told them they could take him out and walk around with him to get to know him. They did, and were gone a long time. I was a little concerned that they decided to just, well, leave. However, they came back and asked more questions. Then left on another walk about with him, then came back and asked about adoption forms.

They took him away for a two week trial, and last I heard, he was doing splendidly with him. My first foster doggie was adopted! It's was sort of a surprise.

That happened on Saturday, so Sunday I was a bit at loose ends - I had been spending so much time working with Bennie, that I wasn't sure what to do with myself. So I took Weasel dock diving. She did very well, considering she had never seen a swimming pool or dock before. Her main issue seemed to be that she couldn't figure out how to get back out and would swim little panicked circuits of the perimeter of the pool, while I crawled down the ramp and called her. After a couple of those episodes, she seemed reluctant to jump off the dock again, but I encouraged her and she did. It helped when I taught her where the ramp was by throwing the toy off of it and letting her run down it into the water. I think I'll try it again with Spoiled One, though I rather expect he'll refuse to jump.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bad Puppy

Design from, under "flyball designs"

Well, remember how I was posting about Bennie being such a good boy? Remember how I said he wasn't destructive? Ummm. . . I kind of lied.

I didn't mean too. It's just that I think Bennie's found his inner puppy. He isn't bad, mind you, he's just a typical puppy. But I had been suckered in by his earlier angelic behaviour. Today, every time I turn around, he's chewing on a shoe, counter surfing, or pulling yarn out of the carpet. I think it's just that he's beginning to settle in, and, also, I've been busy and distracted today. He got bored. Bored puppies are dangerous things.

He does it all with complete puppy innocence and greets you with a wagging tail. Such a good natured puppy.

He went to flyball practice with the other two yesterday. Of course, he is too young to do any intensive training. I just practiced recalls and let him play with different dogs and be petted by strange people. I've discovered he will howl in that circumstance. Ordinarily, he's so quiet. In his defense, everybody else was vocalizing to the best of their abilities at the time.

My two dogs, Weasel and Spoiled One, did well at practice. It looks like we are going to the Rio Rancho tournament, so Bennie won't get his out of state trip for a while. Weasel and Spoiled One did well on their box work. I seem to have broken my passing jinx. I didn't do well, but I was within a few feet and not running the other dog out of the lane. I did have to move Spoiled One back to 40 feet and wait until Molly had jumped the second jump, but I can deal with that.

I like long weekends. I finally got a new design up.

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Friday, September 4, 2009


Biteyface, biteyface, let's play biteyface!

What? You're bored? Let's play MORE biteyface!

Benniedoodle has been enjoying himself of late, sporting with his foster siblings. There have been a lot of play bows, wagging tails, posturing, bouncing around and scampering too and fro. The current favorite seems to be wrestling with Weasel. He has also enticed Spoiled One in a few games, but Spoiled One has apparently developed a fear of the paparazzi (actually, he thinks camera flashes are lightening bolts) and it makes him more difficult to catch in the act.
Bennie is also exhibiting periodic episodes of puppy zoomies. He is developing his fetch and tug skill repertoire, and practices sit, down, and wait (that's a hard one) on a daily basis.
If you are thinking a handsome, neutered, healthy, 10 month old smooth coat border collie mix who has medium to low drive, is playful with people and dogs, seems to be housebroken, doesn't irritate the cat unduly, loves everyone he meets and still has the puppy zoomies, Bennie might be exactly what you want.
More information can be obtained through Bro and Tracy:
Adoption Application:

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